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"An inspirational figure full of knowledge which will help enhance your digital marketing strategy through a variety of platforms."

- Dylan Reed

YO Homie! Are you ready to take your online business to a whole new level of success?

Silly question Chrissy J, of course they are! This is why this whole bundle of awesomeness is perfect for you! The one-to-one calls are specifically designed for YOU in mind!

Not only will you gain a vast amount of new knowledge, you will also be able to experience new and exciting ways of how to get ahead in your marketplace, I always have some additional saucy strategies to put into good use in my condiments tray! :)

What ever it is your looking to do within your business and life, my one-to-one coaching (and friend) sessions will steer your well and truly onto the right (most successful and profitable) track.

"Chris I am now selling 6-7 units per day consistently. Thank you so much for helping me bring my product to life!"

- Saul Mockus

"Hi Chris! Thanks so much for yesterday's meeting, I can't wait to get started!"

- Sabrina Moore

"Hi Chris, I am just going through your course and have got tons of value from it already. You have different strategies to anybody that I have seen, I loved the interview with Greg Mercer from Jungle Scout. When are you free for a Skype call?"

- Owen Sweeney

A brand new BMW i8 isn't a bad result for a client I guess..

Why would you would want to work with me!?

(Yes, the chump you are looking at below..)

Well, apart from the very obvious fact of being ultra famous and extremely handsome, I actually do have a variety of a very particular set of online skills..

At the moment, I don't know who you are. I don't even know what you want. If you are looking for excuses, I can tell you that I don't have time for that; but what I do have are a very particular set of money making online skills; skills I have acquired over the last few years working online; skills that make me a nightmare for other entrepreneurs out there. If you promise to give me your 100% effort, time, focus and consistency, that will be all I'll need. I will not look for you. I will not pursue you. But if you don't.. I will look for you.. I will find you.. and I will drink coffee with you until the sun goes down.


Okay, truthful talk about to go down. I am not just going to sit on my boot of my Audi, parked next to my BMW i8 while I stare at you intently and speak life changing words into your ears..

But in all seriousness, your time is now. There is no better time for taking action and making positive changes to your life than right now, in the present.

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"Hey Chris, I improved my reviews as you advised and now my sales are much better. They have almost doubled! Thank you so much Chris!"

- Alfredo Bescos

"Chris, I can't thank you enough for your course and trainings. I am learning much more than I have ever learnt from webinars and ebooks I have been through. I'm so happy! Thanks a bunch!"

- Kathryn Anne

"I just want to say a massive thanks. You've given me the motivation and drive to achieve what I want. It was only a few short months ago where I felt like giving up but have now found a new lease of life and I truly thank you for that."

- Lucy Duncombe

Your Instructor

Chris Jones
Chris Jones

What exactly is included within the one-to-one consultancy?

Included within are two options for coaching;

1. Amazon FBA (private label)

Selling on Amazon FBA (private label style) has been my bread and butter for the last 2+ years now, and I have enjoyed every single second of it, despite MANY mistakes, minor and major failures, as well as an array of lessons learnt. Many people will wonder why I would state such honest truths in a piece of content that I am trying to use to promote my services, you included i'm guessing? I thought so.

The main reason for me showcasing my failures within this business are simply down to openness, honesty and full transparency within myself as a person. If I didn't talk about this, I wouldn't just be lying and failing you as your coach (and friend), I would also be pretending to myself, which is the worst thing anybody can do in my opinion.

It is down to the sole reason that I can confidently say that I have messed up within this business more than anybody I know, and many Amazon sellers put together. I am not going to sit here, type away like a man possessed in aim to "wow" you, impress or anything like along those lines for that matter in order for you to possibly book a session (or 5 ;)) in with me, my time is too valuable for the begging and over sales like approach that all so many people try in our day and age, yet fail miserably down to the fact of trying too damn hard.

What I will do is sit here and type on this beautiful Apple Mac keypad with a cheeky yet extremely adorable smile on my face and tell you straight that I can help you to avoid not just a few pitfalls within your Amazon start up, but a massive amount throughout your journey.

As my content piece is almost completed in a record time of under 8 minutes 43 seconds, I will leave you with a question;

What is the more important to you, time or money?

If you have answered "time," you have hit the Amazon nail on the head - time is more precious than anything else on this planet. If you use it properly, you could become greatly successful, but if you abuse it, the game of life will play you until your day on this earth is over.

Sound interesting? What about extremely exciting? Profitable too you ask? You betcha!

The delights of personal branding and marketing a product you have created and brand that you have built does not just hold massive potential for your life in terms of bringing in a income more respectable that even the highest paid professions out there, but you will also have fun, joy and fulfilment while doing it all too, which is a massive bonus!

There's no doubt you will gain your business a massive amount of experience, build a huge amount of knowledge and make a ton of money using this style of marketing, but you will also be able to break free from the 9-5 daily grind that so many of you are trying to escape from, and for good reason.

Any who, the choice is yours homie, I trust you will make the right one.

- Ya boy, Chrissy J @ ZonLife Success

Another extremely happy yet relaxed friend and client..

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"Hey bro, I just wanted to check in and say thank you for everything you're doing for us, i've started the course tonight and the product selection section is absolute gold dust! I am buzzing and am beyond grateful mate, impossible to even put into words."

- Dom Jelfs

"First day of launching my Amazon product yesterday, 54 organic sales with less than 7 unverified reviews! I'm still in shock! I applied the PPC lessons Chris taught yesterday. I have learnt so much, thank you!"

- Yusuf Ibn

Frequently Asked Questions

When can we begin our coaching sessions?
Great question! I always live by the motto "There is no better time than the present." Following confirmation of payment, I will reach out to you immediately via email or Facebook and arrange the call times of our sessions with you, so we can lock the dates and times in the diary and be totally organised. It's as simple as that YO! :)
How long before I start to see success with what you are teaching me?
In all honesty, this is dependent on how much time, effort and energy you are willing to put in and commit to. I have had great results with clients after just a few short days, sometimes weeks, others take much longer (months!). I highly recommend in finding the sole reason why you are looking to get started with what you wish to do, as this will be the motivation and determining factor of how badly you actually want to succeed in your venture. I can promise you that I will provide the best, most valuable and highest of quality information and details when it comes to teaching you what is needed. From there, you have the option to take massive action and be relentless with your consistency or not to do anything, and plod along with things just for the fun of it. I trust you will make the right choice.
Do you offer any additional support after the coaching sessions?
Absolutely, yes I do! :) I always try to help, guide and advise my clients as much as I possibly can, whenever I can, even after they have completed sessions with me. To me, this is essential and is something that can help many people to continue and grow themselves and their business. This takes place via Facebook, if you have not yet followed me, please do so here and I will be able to answer any questions or queries that you might have after our sessions are complete: https://www.facebook.com/ZonLifeSuccess
Where do the sessions take place?
Each session will be on Skype, a one-to-one call. This way, I can screen-share to show further examples of teachings, and you also get the privilege of seeing my handsome face on video call too (lucky you!).
Do you offer any refunds?
Usually, I would offer 100% refunds when it comes to my services, such as my online courses. As this style of training is much more time consuming and requires great focus and attention to detail, unfortunately I do not offer refunds with my consultancy services.

To take action and potentially change your whole life around, or to live in couch potato mode and fall more into your unempowered state of misery, upset, discomfort and time waste?

The choice of failure or success is well and truly yours.

"You can lead a homie to the club but you can force them to dance."

- All me, your boy Chrissy J

The final decision and initial action phase must come one person, and one person only..


"Hey Chris! After signing up for your course, my partner and I started to take action on what you teach. We are now making $500 in sales per day! Thanks bro!"

- Cena Young

"We are now in the stages of actually owning our lives. Thanks so much, you're one in a million!"

- Lee Bojic

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