Product Selection Perfection

Mind-blowing methods on how you can choose the most profitable and most affordable products to sell on Amazon.

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Hold up, isn’t product selection the most challenging part about selling on Amazon overall? Yes, it is. But not with Product Selection Perfection.

Okay homie, are you ready to cash in on some of the most hot selling products on Amazon right now?

Are you ready to learn the exact product selection methods that have helped me to sell over £315,000 in the last 18-months of selling on Amazon FBA?


You are on this page because you are looking for a product that sells well on Amazon, right?

Don’t be that person that wastes weeks, even months in search for the perfect product. You can learn the step by step processes right now through this course and start to implement your educated research with no time, stress or energy wasted.

This course is action packed and value loaded. Your weapon of mass selection is here to help!

Product Selection Perfection is your saviour.

Hey Chris,

I just wanted to say I loved the Product Selection Perfection course!

My friend and I are setting up our limited company this week! :)

- Sabrina

Hey Chris,

I love your Amazon online course, it's full of solid information and a helpful details that are missed out in many other online courses out there about selling on Amazon.

Overall, it's a brilliant course for getting an Amazon business up and running, and optimising all elements to help make sales and generate revenue.

- Don


Product Selection Perfection has multiple learning forms. Included are:

20 modules with over 20,000 words in total

Photo breakdowns

In depth video examples

Your excuses for lack of learning formats are now a thing of the past.

To date, over 250 students from all around the world have enrolled in the course and have achieved monumental success by following the easy to follow steps that I provide you with within the power of Product Selection Perfection.

Do you ever find yourself staying up late at night in search for that perfect product?

Maybe your feeling stressed with the process and feel like quitting before you've even started?

Or, maybe you have so many potential products on your list that it’s just overwhelming?

I know how tough the product selection phase can be if you are not fed the right information. Trust me, I know the feeling more than most.

Who is the Superstar that created this program?

You mean, me? Oh hey, i‘m Chris Jones.

Long story shortish, I help people just like you to create an online business and sell your products on Amazon, which can do pretty magical things for your bank balance and quality of life.

In short, I teach people how to build their Amazon businesses and income online.

I have mentored and touched the hearts of over 500 happy clients in the last 8 months. Which to me, is still very hard to believe. I now thrive on helping individuals set up their very own online empires and earn a full time income from doing.

The answer to your question is no. Life has not always treated me so generously. Before I started my online adventure, I was an overweight, unhappy and lonely person who thought the only escape from reality was a good helping of alcohol and drugs. I was lost and in one of the worst places in my life than I had ever been in before. At the time, I truly believed I lacked everything. But looking back, the only thing I was missing out in my life was fulfilment.

Since starting my own private label products business on Amazon back in May 2015, I have been able to skyrocket my income, improve my lifestyle and become someone who helps others do the same.If you are a total newbie to all of this, that’s ok. Most people haven’t the slightest clue when starting out but once they learn the steps, the make a transition just like I did myself during the process.

Like I always like to say; “Every teacher was once a student.”

We live in a world where creating your dreams online is possible.

Product Selection Perfection will teach you how to create yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

After I enroll in the course, how fast can I get started?
How about right away my friend? You will be granted instant access to this course following enrolment so you can begin to get your learning on right off the bat.
How long do I have access to this course?
Lifetime access sound good? Because that’s what you get. Full access, for life. This includes no additional payments, no annoying up or down-sells, what you see is what you get. This also comes with free updates to all new content structures that are put in place.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
As confident that I am in the course. If you do for some reason find no value in this course, I will gladly refund you the full amount within 60 days of enrolment.
How fast can I actually get a product live on Amazon?
I always aim for someone to have a product live on Amazon between 12-16 weeks from starting this course. You will want to take 2 weeks for product selection. 2 weeks for Amazon seller account set up. 4 weeks for product production time with your supplier and a further 4-6 weeks (on average) for your products to be shipped into Amazon FBA.
What format of learning is the content in?
Product Selection Perfection is course with multiple learnings forms. Included are: 20 modules with over 20,000 words in total Photo breakdowns In depth video examples
Do you offer any payment plans?
Absolutely! I offer 2 payment options in total. You can view the structures of pricing for each below:

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