The Amazon Superstar

How To Build An Extremely Successful & Incredibly Profitable Amazon FBA Private Label Business!

Would you like to create your very own private label empire on Amazon, working from the comfort of your own home (or coffee shop) for only a few hours per day, and skyrocket your income?

How would you feel if you woke up each morning and had nobody top answer to but yourself?

Imagine living on your own time, actions and terms every single hour of the day, How would this make you feel?

What impact would that have on your life?

I bring you my top secret weapon, and one of mass success.. The Amazon Superstar!

“The dream life is real, but only for those who choose to create it.”

Interested? You should be homie!

YO Chris! I would just like to say a great big thank you for your help and guidance throughout my Amazon FBA startup, The Amazon Superstar has well and truly helped me to reach my dream of ditching the 9-5.

This online course has an easy to read, simple to follow and helpful learning structure, in the form of text, photo and video breakdowns!

Chris is also a fantastic addition to any personal help that I need with my business as I know he is just a simple phone call (or FB call) away if I ever was to need him, which is very different to many other people out there who promote their services and programs online.

End result? Don't hesitate and get started on product research and development for your first private label product right away!

- Darius

The Amazon Superstar Course is a must for those that are wanting to sell on Amazon.

Chris has had crazy success in selling on Amazon FBA with his private label products and has valuable insights for each part of the journey that I found extremely helpful and useful.

This course is easy to follow and reads in a very personable way that everybody should be able to understand and relate to.

If there is one thing you should do this year, it's to invest in yourself and start up a journey that has the potential to change your whole life around, seriously.

I endorse Chris, he has a huge heart for people and has always added great value to my Amazon business and my life, thank you Chris.

I highly recommend the The Amazon Superstar eCourse to you, invest in yourself and your future today!

- Kalani

What an awesome course for those looking to start up, maintain and grow their Amazon businesses!

The Amazon Superstar is jam packed full of great content and Chris is always there to help you with anything else that you need within your Amazon FBA start up, whether that is a simple or a more in-depth question.

Also, the bonus sections within this course are pretty cool I must say..

Personally, I am loving the process of selling on Amazon, the automation of this online business is mind-blowing.

Start up, set up, pick your product and get the sales flowing!

- Ruben

I will drop so many knowledge bombs on you within The Amazon Superstar course content that you will feel happy, confident and ready to go to war on creating your own online income empire.

And much MUCH more!

Hear me out my peeps. I want you to know, and really know that all of this is so damn real. The kind of real when you are actually relaxing with your laptop on the sandy white beaches in the Caribbean, snorkelling with beautiful tropical fish in the glass clear waters, and doing all of the above while earning a fantastic income on complete autopilot.

Real talk only zone my homies! :)


I wasn’t always in the position that I am in right now..

Which is having freedom in time and financials and being able to live my life on my own terms.

Trust me when I say this, I have been through the struggles of life, and I have came out smiling at the end of it all. You can too.

I worked as a personal trainer for several years within the United Kingdom. I was working 7 days per week, 12-16 hours per day with a wage that barely paid my bills.

I had ZERO spare time to spend with my friends, or my family.

This was an awful lifestyle. I was tired, upset, lonely and struggling financially. I decided enough was enough and started to pursue something different, and MUCH more exciting..

I instantly started researching online for ways on how I could ‘make money on the internet,’ A few taps of the keyboard and a few clicks of the mouse, I discovered something magical..

Amazon FBA, you are my saviour.

Who will benefit from The Amazon Superstar?

Everyone who is serious about changing their life. I have placed all of the information in this course needed for you to create an income online and be your own boss. All you need to do is follow it up with immediate action and do so with a heroic hustlers spirit.

Current business owners. Every business wants another platform where they can make more sales on, right? This is where Amazon comes in. Amazon is a platform with millions of organic monthly visitors impatiently waiting with their bank cards to purchase something. Current business owners simply have to place their products on Amazon and get potential customers to buy with the step by step breakdowns I teach within this course.

People who just want a change of direction. This is one of the biggest reasons why people start up with this business. The monotony of waking up to another morning knowing you have to go into your place of work and build someone else dreams, on your own time and your own energy. This can become pretty depressing I must say, I know the feeling. If you are like most and fancy an exciting change of direction in your life, then selling your own branded products on Amazon could be exactly what you are looking for.

Non stop hustlers with no time to kick back. Yes, read that right. This course is for those looking to create more time in their lives. Whether you are searching to find more time to spend with your family and friends or just want that extra few hours in the day to relax and read a book, walk on the beach or to take a nice afternoon nap. I have the systems that can free up your day more than many other business models out there. Once the initial stages are set up and flowing, the automation of this business can be truly magical.

How does less than 2 hours per day sound to you?

Yeah, you better believe it homie.

Who will not benefit from The Amazon Superstar?

“Make Money Fast” thrill seekers. This course is not for people looking to turn a quick buck. This is an actual business that requires work, dedication and commitment.

This course will teach you exactly what you need know. But if you are not willing to put in the work, you will not see the results. Simple.

Chris is a ball of never ending energy and incredible hustle. He has a strong will to help others find the same success that he has been able to create for himself to give him the freedom and lifestyle that most only dream about having.

He has put together a very well thought out easy to follow course and made it affordable to for all looking how to get into the game of residual income. He takes the time as a coach to walk you through the process and give you advice on how to make your business grow.

Learn from his success and save your self some time with his courses. Hustle and grind are the only things holding you back from your own success!!

- David Bath

Chris Jones, you are the man bro!! :)

By far the most real and down to earth Amazon Superstar out there, hands down!

The course is fantastic and has helped me greatly throughout my Amazon FBA business, I am constantly referring back to many sections inside it's content, especially the secret interview you did with.. ;)

The Amazon Superstar is a complete value package from start to finish with clear and precise actionable steps. No fluff, zero B.S, and straight to the point!

But that's not all, you also get access to the secret Facebook group which is a support community for all course students, which is powerful within itself.

Thanks for everything Chris, keep up the great work and continue to crush that hustle! :)

- Nico Sanchez

Chris I just wanted to say how fantastic your course is.

The structure is so well laid out and the content just goes on and on with so much detail. You've got all the questions answered and you've been there to help with separate issues via messenger!

It's not just the course, it's you mate, your energy, enthusiasm and honesty!

I couldn't recommend you and the course highly enough - in business, everybody needs someone just like you in their team!

Thank you bro!!

- Ray

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You might be still sitting there reading this hefty content piece that iv’e written thinking “What the blinking heck is this Chris guy actually rambling on about?”

Okayy, let me take this back to the drawing board and let you know exactly what this Amazon bizz greatness is really about..

We are private labelling our own product that already exists on market. I take you on a trip to the secret education station to show you exactly how you can get your product to stand out leaps and bounds from the rest of the competition on market

We design a label to go onto your product that is so appealing and visually stunning, that even the global companies in the world would be impressed with (my secret strategies)

We set up our Amazon seller account online and go through all of the necessary steps in creating either a business or individual sellers account

We create a fully optimised product page listing for our private label product. This is where we do the marketing, keyword research, input the attractive photos we have designed and all other things relative in order to get our product seen by millions of potential customers

We ship our products from our supplier to Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) warehouse. We don’t have to pack, handle, ship or even do customer service for our products while at Amazon. Heck, we don’t even have to see the product in the first place if we don’t want to

We then focus our efforts on maximising our pages exposure as much as possible. Leveraging the power of social media, free or paid traffic from the likes go Facebook or google and also turning on the switch of the main importance, which is Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

A pretty unique, exciting and fascinating business model to say the least, wouldn’t you agree?


I have made a major transition in my life from being someone else’ work-horse to being the hustler within my very own online business, selling simple products on Amazon’ platform (feels pretty epic to say that I must say!)

So, I changed my income and my entire life through endless experimentation of failures, successes, new tactics and smartly devised strategies that I have been researching for the last 21-months of selling on Amazon.

My income has grown from £16,000 per year working as a personal trainer to over £240,000 (total first yearly sales) from selling on own branded products Amazon. This all happened in less than 12 months, believe it or not.

As a result of my income dramatically increasing, my lifestyle started to improve also.

This all helped me to gain more freedom in my life. To learn more about the Amazon business model to then go and help people achieve the same results and level of success that I experienced in the last 21-months of doing it all myself.

This all helped me to gain more freedom in my life. To learn more about the Amazon business model to then go and help people achieve the same results and level of success that I experienced in the last 20 months of doing it all myself.

To date, I have helped over 250 coaching clients and course students start up their own private label businesses online and sell their private label products on Amazon.

I have helped my clients and course students to achieve over $500,000 in total sales revenue over the last 8-months for their businesses since starting up ZonLife Success, back in August 2016.

Hold up bro, if Amazon is so powerful and full of massive income potential, why aren’t more people getting stuck in?

Honestly, I ask myself the same question on a daily basis. It baffles the coffee out of me when I hear that people know about this business model but don’t want to get started.

I think the main reason here for most, is the fear of unknown outcomes.

Hi Chris,

I just want to give you a huge thumbs up in appreciation for 'rescuing' my basket case of a listing.

Since you waved your magic 4 weeks ago this has been the result;

1. Daily sales have tripled from 5-6 to averaging 15 per day
2. I'm on the first page ALL the time and normally 2nd or 3rd row of the front page
3. Seller Rank has gone from nearly 20,000 to as low as 2,900 last week

I think I recovered my costs to you with extra profit alone in about 3 days!

- David

I bought this online course called The Amazon Superstar by Chris Jones about 6 weeks ago.

I must say it is an excellent course for anyone looking to do private labelling on Amazon.

It's full of valuable content same time it's written in a very easy to understand format which makes it more interesting. I especially love the bonus materials that came along with the course.

I would highly recommend this course.

- BInay

I really love Chris's content, probably the best I've come across.

Straight to the point, no jargon, easy to understand and actionable (step by step learning).

This guy will get you from A to B really fast, he doesn't mess about. Plus, he's a really fun guy, felt like a mate just by reading his stuff. Epic! :)

- Max


Now, if you are like most people in this world including myself, you will always want to know the nitty gritty details before considering signing up to something. Or in this case, enrolling in the most effective Amazon training course out there.

This is more than acceptable. Fair enough, I get that. So let me explain a few things that will require you to focus on and hustle at in the initial phases of your private label online business:

If you can commit in putting your full attention into this course, learning what I have created for you and absorbing it’s information like a sponge, and then actually going off an applying it. You are going to set yourself up for a successful head start and an improved advantage from day 1.

If you are not fully committed in changing your life for the better, then don’t waste anymore time. Simply click the ‘X’ button in the top right of your screen and go back to scrolling through your news feed on Facebook.

I highly encourage only the dedicated, driven and focused individuals to enrol in The Amazon Superstar as I know the level of success these types of passionate and hustle driven personalities can produce.

If you are not yet one of these people, worry not. Try to make a mindset shift from your current thinking process to one that will put you on the road of achieving everything you want in this life, then click the ‘Enrol Now’ button below.

Get started now!

Josh originally was working in the family business of storage containers (rather fitting I think) and became bored, unhappy and lacked the excitement factor for what he was doing.

After going through The Amazon Superstar, Josh now turns over £6,000 - £8,000 per month on Amazon UK based on one single product within the Health & Personal care category..

Josh is continuing to grow his Amazon business with plans to expand to the USA in the next few months.

Monumental effort Joshy boy I must say!

Ben has experienced some pretty unbelievable results with The Amazon Superstar.

Ben started off with a simple product with not much confidence in it selling many units at all. After going through the step by step systems that the course taught him, that all seemed to change..

Ben is now selling over 12 units per day making over £5,000 per month in sales.

Congratulations Ben!

Alex bro, where do we even start?! Haha.

You took the plunge into the selling on Amazon world with a big action move, ignoring the UK market on your home soil and going straight into the deep end within the USA market on Amazon!

Alex is currently selling between 3-5 units per day and is in building week on week with his first product on Amazon, the goal of $10,000 per month is well and truly in reach!

Great work bro, keep hustlin'! :)

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Chris has helped me immensely on my own journey into Amazon FBA and the online private labelling business.

He’s coached me through all the technicalities and ins and outs of researching a product, determining what will sell and what won’t, and finding suppliers while negotiating favourable MOQs.

He’s also been very responsive and available for any questions or concerns that I had throughout.

I’m really grateful for being able to work with Chris and would highly recommend The Amazon Superstar course to anyone wanting to get started with private labelling on Amazon.

- Ivan

Chris has been a friend of mine since his personal training days so he has always been a great coach to me whether it is in the gym or within the Amazon FBA coaching world.

His content always creates clarity and will help to get you started within the private label industry, giving effective advice on the areas that most other coaches seem to want to keep for themselves!

However, what's helped the most is his personal advice and coaching on top of this.

Chris has regularly helped me get started and provided expert advice on many of the hurdles I faced when setting up my own private label company.

He offers awesome insight from his own experience of huge success on Amazon that has helped me get a great edge over my competitors.

Chris is a great motivator and I look forward to carrying on my Amazon journey knowing that he is providing expert insight at every step!

- Elliot

Chris, Chris, Chris… What else can I say about you?

Almost every person in the industry knows about you from all the times I bragged about your success.

I help motivate people to sell on Amazon by using you as an example.

You’re the James Bond of selling on Amazon, bro.

You might be in the UK, but your success has reached, and is continuing to reach, the entire world.

- Yoel


Whoa, wait a second. Your saying I get all of the above content when I enrol in this course?

Yes, sir / madam. Correct.

But, that’s not all. I also offer a variety of bonus features that come along with every enrolment. And yes, their all free!

Did someone say Bonuses? Yipeee..

You can view these bad-ass bonus sections below.

Get started now!

This is the project that I have truly put my heart and soul into creating (cry me a river Chrissy boy!) I have worked tirelessly on perfecting and bringing you the BEST Amazon FBA private label course that there is on the internet, no doubt about it.

Awesome, what else?

I also give some direction on the often-ignored ‘softer’ elements of selling on Amazon – that is the process of getting some traction on your product’s ‘social proof’ and nurturing a relationship with your customer.

It may not be the hard-nosed business approach of crunching sales figures or the masterminding of promotional campaigns, yet social proof can often be the vital element missing from a stalling selling game that separates the customer’s favourite from the serial refund product.

The course has this message thread throughout in kitting you out with a customer service skills masterclass to help you connect with your audience and build a loyal customer base around your product.

The course learning format is currently photos and text (with over 60,000 words of step by step instructions and processes) packed full of exciting and personal value insights. I am constantly updating and improving the course when changes need to be made.

There will soon be videos added in for each module and chapter within the course to target all forms of communication, as well as the audio format to look forward to.

I am more than fully confident that your expectations will be met to a great standard with The Amazon Superstar online course.

Oh, I also forgot to tell you that Amazon pay you every 2-weeks directly into your bank account..

The above photo is one of my 2-weekly payment from Amazon in 2016 which shows all breakdowns of costs, in which I thought would be very helpful for you to see :).

For the price you pay, you get some SERIOUS value within the courses content!

But that's not all, you also get access to the secret Facebook group that offers 24/7 support from Chris and all of his course students!

- Louis Chris da Vita

Chris bro,

I just want to say your course is truly legit and is packed with tons of great information for selling on Amazon!

Thanks man!

- Sve

Who is the Superstar that created this program?

You mean, me? Oh hey, i‘m Chris Jones. Long story shortish, I help people just like you to create an online business and sell your products on Amazon, which can do pretty magical things for your bank balance and quality of life.

In short, I teach people how to build their Amazon businesses and income online.

I have mentored and touched the hearts of over 500 happy clients in the last 8 months. Which to me, is still very hard to believe. I now thrive on helping individuals set up their very own online empires and earn a full time income from doing.

The answer to your question is no. Life has not always treated me so generously. Before I started my online adventure, I was an overweight, unhappy and lonely person who thought the only escape from reality was a good helping of alcohol and drugs. I was lost and in one of the worst places in my life than I had ever been in before. At the time, I truly believed I lacked everything. But looking back, the only thing I was missing out in my life was fulfilment.

Since starting my own private label products business on Amazon back in May 2015, I have been able to skyrocket my income, improve my lifestyle and become someone who helps others do the same.

Here is a pretty solid month of sales I had back in 2016..

If you are a total newbie to all of this, that’s ok. Most people haven’t the slightest clue when starting out but once they learn the steps, the make a transition just like I did myself during the process.

Like I always like to say; “Every teacher was once a student.”

We live in a world where creating your dreams online is possible. The Amazon Superstar will teach you how to create yours.

Say hi to Kevin Pryor

I launched my first Private Label product in October of 2016. I really had no clue how to use the Amazon platform other than get a product online.

My first product consisted of 70 variations. Some people would call me crazy for trying this high demand product, but I knew It had to be good.

The simple fact of the matter is that I wasn’t designed to work for another person, or company. So I was persistent to have a successful e-commerce business. A guy reached out to me to help me a little with my listing, but soon referred me over to Chris Jones’ eCourse at Zonlife Success.

Chris encouraged me to try running some promo’s, and helped me with the sell ability of my listing ie, pictures, keyword placement, number of characters in the description, back end keywords, etc. Immediately following his great advise and guidance, I had good results. But due to the promo’s, I wasn’t really netting any profits worth mentioning. I then started an email campaign to reach out to my customers and ask for feedback. This was HUGE with getting the ball rolling on keyword rankings!

You need a mixture of first and foremost, an awesome high quality product, then, great photos, strong keywords and great customer service (yes I quickly take care of issues with products for free), and you’ll have a recipe for success! Currently I average around 30-40 units per day ($120-$150 net profits) of ORGANIC SALES which nets me after cost of goods sold, about $4,000 per month.

I make about 48% profits on my product per each and every sale made. What I created wasn’t just a product, but it was a brand that I could call my own! With this growth, there was only one thing to do – keep growing! I just released another design of my original product, and inspired from our very own Chris Jones, my own line of coffee. It is too new to see the results yet, but I know they will be MASSIVE!

My goal in the next 6 months is to net $6,000 per month in profits. This is easily attainable as long as I duplicate what I did on my first product. From there I will buy real estate properties to create a true passive income!

The possibilities are endless and everyone has the same opportunities as me, you just have to put in the work! Remember to always read and follow along with Amazon’s Terms of Service to make sure complete compliance so you don’t get yourself banned!

Cheers and happy selling folks!

“A dream without a plan is just a wish” – Author Unknown

Kev :)

Check out some more awesome results from course students..

Seems a little cray cray right?

I know, I thought so too before I started selling my first few units.

I now have course students outselling my units per day, which is truly incredible to see!

The Amazon Superstar has been created with my very own blood, sweat and tears. I am so confident that you are going to fall in love with it, and take every action and create an online success for yourself. But if you don’t enjoy the course for some reason, I will happily refund you the full amount of the course with 30 days of enrolment.

Some of mentoring clients and course students have taken away so much value from this course that they have actually gone out to tell their friends and family about it. Those friends and family members are now getting in on the Amazon action too, which is fantastic to see!

Class Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

After I enrol in the course, how fast can I get started?
How about right away my friend? You will be granted instant access to this course following enrolment so you can begin to get your learning on right off the bat.
How long do I have access to this course?
Lifetime access sound good? Because that’s what you get. Full access, for life. This includes no additional payments, no annoying up or down-sells, what you see is what you get. This also comes with free updates to all new content structures that are put in place.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
As confident that I am in the course. If you do for some reason find no value in this course, I will gladly refund you the full amount within 30 days of enrolment.
How fast can I actually get a product live on Amazon?
I always aim for someone to have a product live on Amazon between 12-16 weeks from starting this course. You will want to take 2 weeks for product selection. 2 weeks for Amazon seller account set up. 4 weeks for product production time with your supplier and a further 4-6 weeks (on average) for your products to be shipped into Amazon FBA.
What format of learning is the content in?
Now this masterclass I’m promising is being delivered as an e-course, which is perfect for you as an end-user as it makes the course more free-flowing and flexible than a pdf or a video tutorial as you can simply click in and out of it while working on your own Amazon listing in another tab. Also, all of the content is delivered from me to you via detailed instructions, commentary and insights accompanied with actual step-by-step guidance so that nothing falls through any gaps and that no stone is left unturned in seeking out those sales. And to make the course even more personal in line with my one-to-one coaching style, in each chapter in the course I put forward my own product listings as examples / benchmarks of what you can do with your product. I have really pushed the boat out on this one and provided you with the 4 major forms of learning. Those 4 being text, photo, video and also audio format. This helps to maximise learning for everybody whether you are a reader, watcher or a listener. I have you covered by the communication methods I have included for you within this course.

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One of my highest months to date selling on Amazon FBA (37% NET profit margins)!

Testimonial coming soon!

I was struggling to figure out how to find a way to start my online business selling on Amazon. I had no idea how to start, which tools to use, or where I should go in order to begin.

I even joined different Facebook groups to get more ideas about the Amazon business model, there just wasn't enough information to really use to get started confidently.

As a beginner, I figured out that it was going to be extremely difficult to learn all of this without anybody giving me clear and definitive answers for how to do things, then I thought: "How can I learn the Amazon FBA business better?"

Right away, I started to watch videos from Chris Jones of ZonLife Success, whicb were very helpful to say the least.

Following this, I made the decision to enrol in his online course 'The Amazon Superstar.'

Seriously, this eCourse offers some different tricks of the trade that many other similar courses would not speak of, let alone go into depth with.

For me, the content that Chris Jones has created for The Amazon Superstar was the a blueprint I needed in order to take my business from nothing to something.

Thank you Chris.

- Elias

I like how Chris has created this online program.

He didn’t create this training program to promise that you will be an overnight internet sensation, his training program is simple and easy to understand, but you still have to put in work in achieving results.

You will need to do the backend work like finding a suitable product after going through the courses product selection section, and setting up your Amazon Seller account and so on, but then it's the fun stuff like product listing creation and making sales!

If you are interested even in the slightest in selling physical products on Amazon, I highly recommend you to join this online program.

- Mohd Rizal

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